Is Doing Weights and cheap moncler jackets Pilates Considered Overtraining

Joseph Pilates designed his signature exercise method as a means of aligning, stretching and strengthening the human body. Some people use their Pilates workout as their exclusive form of exercise, while others crosstrain with a weight program. Since Pilates, like weight training, strengthens your muscles, you might wonder if adding moncler jackets outlet weight training equipment constitutes overtraining. The answer to the question depends upon your fitness goals and your Pilates training mode.

Pilates Mat Classes


Your own body weight supplies most of the resistance in a Pilates mat class. While some instructors incorporate elastic resistance bands and the flexible metal ring called the Pilates fitness circle, this type of equipment only adds a minimal amount of additional resistance. Pilates mat classes effectively strengthen your legs, gluteal, abdominal and core muscles. They are less effective for strengthening the biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and back muscles. These effectively strengthen and tone your muscles, but they do not provide weightbearing exercise, which the National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends for maintaining bone density and preventing future bone loss. Depending on the nature of your Pilates equipment workout, weight training may be overkill. The Pilates trapeze, for example, incorporates cheap moncler jackets sale strenuous pulluptype exercises, which engage your biceps, triceps and upper back muscles. Inhale to prepare for each movement, then exhale, draw your belly in for stability, and perform each phase of the exercise movement with maximum control. Likewise, use weighttraining principles for scheduling workouts and sequencing individual exercises. If you perform an intense triceps workout on the Pilates chair, wait 48 hours before performing a triceps workout in the weight room. If you decide to combine Pilates and traditional weight equipment within the same workout, perform large, multimuscle exercises before performing isolation exercises for smaller muscle groups.